• Evelo


    EVELO offers high-quality, well-made electric bikes starting at $2,039 (with free shipping). Most notably, they are the one of the few companies who offer ahigh-end mid-drive motor system, which delivers more torque, power andhill-climbing abilities vs. a hub motor.
  • A2B Metro

    A2B Metro

    A2B Metro is a popular electric bike that has been one of thefirst-comers on the U.S. market – often referred to as the “beast” ofelectric bikes due to its size and weight. At its core, the A2B Metrois looks and feels as more of an electric powered scooter.
  • OHM


    The Ohm Urban XU700 and Sport XS750 are high-performanceelectric-assist bicycles designed for commuting and urban use. Basedout of Vancouver, Canada, the company produces stylish and efficientelectric bikes.
  • Optibike


    Optibike is known to produce some of the most high-end electric bikeson the market, but they come with a price tag. Ranging from $8,995 forthe Helia female model, to $9,995+ for the R-Series, Optibikes aredesigned for those who want quality.

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